Challenge Groups are small discipleship groups that meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.


Challenge groups are the life of Paradigm Church at Brookhaven. The focus of these small groups is not to replace church, but rather make dangerous disciples for Jesus Christ. Each Challenge group is different from the next and they meet at the church building, at houses, coffee shops, hotels, and even restaurants.


Child care is provided by our excellent Children’s team, to provide a worry free atmosphere for the adults and children to experience discipleship.

Here’s what to expect:

Each challenge group is different but the goal, aim, and means of Challenge is discipleship. So expect to experience God through study and spiritual discipline. Each week you’ll meet with your Challenge group and walk with your group through a study. It will take commitment to get through Challenge.

Sign up for Challenge Here!!!

If you’re interested in leading a group we will have a sign up for next year posted soon, so check back.